About Us

Natcomp Computers (P) Limited formerly National Computers, is one of the oldest IT Companies of Delhi established in 1988, engaged in the field of End to End Customised IT Solutions. NCPL was formed primarily to give good after sales support to Customers but later on NCPL diversified into giving complete Exclusive Solutions in almost all the areas of IT field.

The World has entered the age of Digital Technology. Computer exists everywhere from a Small Kiosk to Giant Corporate House to Govt. Organisations & at almost every Household in Modern Cities in the form of a Tablet, Smart Phone, Laptop or a Desktop connected on a Cloud Computing Network, VPN or some other Client/Server based Network. Amongst all the sectors, Information Technology is following and will cover a path for faster growth. In fact e-business is becoming the most favoured word with Corporates as it took over from traditional Business Practices & NCPL has solutions in all these fields.

To cater to varied Demands & Requirements of our Customers we always keep in mind the following :-

Our Mission

To be a Leading name in IT Solution Segment among Government, Corporates & Retail Industry in India by providing Customized End-to-End IT Solutions with Best Quality Products and Support Services.

Our Motto

To achieve Customerís Complete Satisfaction.
This Motto helps us to always remain ahead of our Competitors.

Our Customer Centric Approach

We understand that the role of IT is to help you achieve your business objectives. Let us know your business requirements, and we'll get you the IT Systems and Support you need to succeed. We are Technology and Vendor independent and use all the major brands, which means you know you're getting the Solution you need, not the one we're selling.

Our Strength : Our People

Our success has come from our Highly Experienced and Dedicated Staff, who are serious about using technology to run businesses better. And just because we're techies, doesn't mean we're grumpy! We know you'll find us refreshingly friendly to work with.

Our Promise

In an industry littered with missed deadlines and budget blowouts, the seemingly simple matter of delivering on time and on budget is remarkably rare. At NCPL, we pride ourselves on doing exactly what we say we'll do. It's this simple commitment that sets us apart.

Our Quality Policy

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company & we always try to achieve the Best Quality in Products & Services given to our Esteemed Customers & our entire Staff is dedicated for achieving our Quality Policy.

Our Honourable Clients